Try as you might, you can’t do everything as a business owner.

Hang on. Let me rephrase that.

You can do everything as a business owner, but you can’t do everything well, and the time, energy and stress of trying to do those tricky tasks can be better spent elsewhere on your business.

Delegating and outsourcing tasks to other people can seem like a terrifying prospect. Your business is your baby after all, and no one else ‘gets it’ like you do… or do they?

Female business owner struggling to get through non-essential work tasks

The thing is, sometimes we can get a bit wrapped up working in our business rather than on our business and lose perspective of where we need to be going, where we are now and how we get from one to the other. How do you push past the daily grind to improve and strengthen your business and increase profit?


By delegating the tasks that we spend too long on, or leave us feeling frazzled and stressed, we reserve the energy, motivation and time to focus on improving and enjoying our business again.

Your first step is to make a list of the day to day tasks you have to contend with when running your business.

Put an asterisk next to the tasks that only you can do – meeting clients, goods production or delivering your services, for example.

Now rank each task that’s left over according to how much you enjoy them, and how time-consuming they are. I’d use a scale of a sad face, a neutral face or a happy face to keep it simple!

Go through the list and see which tasks you don’t like and take a long time – these are the ones you should be delegating to others.

“But I can’t afford to outsource!”, I hear you exclaim in indignation.

Ok, you need to do a little bit of simple math here.

How much is a chargeable hour worth to you? Let’s say you’re a plumber and you charge £50.00 an hour. You want to outsource your social media because you’re spending 5 hours a week at the minute, you don’t really understand it, and you get distracted talking to other people! You find a social media agency that can manage your social media accounts for £500.00 a month.

Clip art calculator because outsourcing can save you more money than you spend 20 hours per month managing your own social media = £1000.00

Outsourcing to a social media expert = £500.00

You’re saving time that you can spend doing your job to make money, and you have a professional managing your social media to get you new clients = more profit.

How do you find a reliable business to delegate your important tasks to?

Asking for recommendations is a good way of knowing who to work with, so ask at networking events, on your social media and even friends and family. You’re looking for similar businesses to yours in their portfolio and testimonials, and above all – they’re easy to talk to, ask relevant questions, and you instantly make a strong connection.

There is a level of trust involved when outsourcing essential business tasks to someone else, so having a contract in place is a sensible precaution, but I suspect that once you start delegating, you won’t look back!