Workload Wizard’s Words of Wisdom

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again (and it probably won’t be the last time); clearing out clutter from your life and business clears space in your mind as well as your cupboards.

I thought I would share with you a personal reminder I had of this only today.

A few weeks ago, I felt the need to clear out my wardrobes and book shelves (and drawers). I always think this “need” comes to me when the Universe knows that I should free up some space to let new stuff in, whether that be physical possessions or head room for new business ideas.

So I found myself going through my clothes and books and putting aside all of the stuff I don’t need, use or want anymore. I put it all in the garage and it felt good. My thoughts at the time were to take it to the various charity shops I donate to or to sell some of it online.

So, there it has sat, for weeks…

I didn’t realise it but it was still “blocking” the space I needed. I haven’t been able to progress my new business ideas, haven’t felt the longer term freedom I normally feel when clearing out and haven’t done anything about it. I had experienced a temporary freedom of mind but as I hadn’t moved the stuff out of the house and my life then it wasn’t really cleared out.

I was talking to someone today about the actions I take that make me more focused and help me move forward and it came to me, before I can have another clear out I need to get rid of the stuff in the garage. So, it took 1 minute to call the British Heart Foundation and arrange for them to come and collect it all. Win-Win. I save the time, re-sorting it and taking it to the various charity shops (or even more time selling it online) and the charity gets a good quantity of good quality items to sell on.

The lesson I can pass on from this is, when you clear out the clutter (which you should do regularly) it frees your mind but only if you actually clear it out of your life completely.