As my previous post 10 Tips and 1 Trick for Getting Organised was so popular I thought you might like 7 Bonus Tips.

Remember though, don’t try to do everything everybody tells you to get organised and manage your time, well, not all at once anyway.

You could try them out one by one or two by two (Noah was definitely onto something) to test out what works for you.



  1. Map out milestones – the basics of project management – one of your first tasks on a new project should be working backward from the desired end point (client goal, outcome, result) to create milestones; this will help provide you with vision and a sense of priority in the short and long term.



2. Surround yourself with the right people. No matter how productive and organised you are, it is impossible to make big things happen all on your own. Surround yourself with organised individuals that have strengths and skills to compliment your own.

Delegate out tasks accordingly so that everyone is working towards the same goal.



3. Seek Clarification. If you are unsure of something then seek clarification straight away, it will take you so much more time trying to figure it out or guess than to pick up the phone and ask.


4. Use Templates – Email templates, document templates, form templates, Agreement templates, the list goes on. Use can use a variety of tools to produce and manage your templates; Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Mailchimp, Lead Pages, Word and Excel documents, Gmail, Outlook, pretty much any system gives you, customizable, time saving templates to use, so why not use them?!


5. Organize your email. Your email is its own workstation. Organise it in the same way as your paperwork. Apply the filing system to your electronic files and your inbox: To-do, Pending, Filing, Reference, Current Projects, and Clients etc. Also consider appointing blocks of time for checking and sorting your email only two or three times a day so it doesn’t become a time-sucking distraction.


6. To Multitask or Not to Multitask – that is the question. There are very definitely two schools of thought on this one. Multi-tasking has been thought the one thing to master in order to be efficient and organised and I mutli-tasked for years but I have thought for a while now that going back and forth between various tasks does nothing but slow our brains down and clouds our judgement. Trying to do two or more things at once can even release the stress hormone in the brain, which can impact your ability to concentrate and make decisions. I prefer to group like tasks together than to multitask and even put my phone on silent when I need to get something done.


7. Take Breaks – David Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of “The Organized Mind” suggests that people should take breaks at work to allow the brain to daydream. It’s during these periods that our brains are most creative and it helps give us a productivity boost. It is advisable to take a break of 10-15 minutes after one hour of concentrated work. Everyone is different though so try it out and find out whether you need breaks more often or not so often, and sometimes even just 5 minutes can do it.


These tips are just pointers in the right direction for Getting Organised.  If you would like to feel more organised and put that to good use in making you and your business more efficient as part of a proven Programme then book in for a telephone appointment with the Workload Wizard.  Click here.