Organisation is not an attribute that you are born with (or without) but rather a skill that can be learned. You will be more organised than you think already, so ignore those people who say, “You’re so dis-organised”.

The trick to being organised is this, we are all different, there are different approaches to becoming more organised, we just need to find the one(s) that works for you. There are countless tips and ways to being organised but you do have to be consistent over a period of time to find the right ones for you. You will see that some of the tips I give below contradict themselves and that is again because there is always more than one way get organised, some will work for you and some won’t, we need to find the ones that do.

To find out more about them, more tips and more about being consistent and becoming the most organised you person you know, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

1. Keep your goals at the forefront. In order to accomplish big goals, you need to have organisation habits that help you achieve them. You will be able to produce huge results, because everything is organised around your big goals. Focusing your organisation on those big goals enables you to let go of the non-essential items that create clutter and derail you from a productive path.

2. Write everything down as you think of it – don’t rely on your memory – this also has the added benefit of clearing the clutter of your mind. Keep a pen and notepad handy or use the notes function on your phone. There are excellent Apps that synchronise on desktops/laptops/phones/IPad etc. – look out for my review of the most popular coming soon.

3. Clear out clutter – clearing out physical clutter gets you in the right mind-set for getting organised and getting on with the job you want to do – it clears the clutter in your mind to allow you to focus. Tackle your wardrobe, the store cupboard, the shed, garage or even your desk. When clutter accumulates, our attention diminishes and performance suffers.

4. Track and limit how much time you spend on tasks. By tracking time, you spend on tasks that you do more than   once you will get a picture of where you need to limit time. It will also give you a starting point for what you want or need to delegate.

 5. Delegate!Ah, but you say, I work on my own, I have no one to delegate to. This is not true. If you have a team then use them in a planned way. If you don’t have a team, build one, this doesn’t mean you have to employ people if you are not ready to do so. You can outsource anything and everything these days. It is just a case of finding the right person for the right task/project and delegating with planning, focus and with the end result/required outcome, communicated to the nominated person. I am writing an article on delegation soon.

 6. If you don’t have a deadline on a task or project – set one for yourself, so that you don’t spend endless time on something.

7. Use appropriate communication. For example, don’t spend time writing out an email, spell-checking it and then waiting for a reply, if you need the answer or information now, pick up the phone and call them.

8. Set reminders – as soon as you arrange something, an appointment, a meeting, a deadline – set a reminder for it. Also, set reminders for regular events or tasks. Once you have done this you can forget about it. Additional Tip: if you set your reminders for the time when you need to prepare for the event and one for when the event is happening you have killed two birds with one action.

9. Use Bring-up files – Weekly / Monthly / Annual. I will be expanding on this very soon.

10. Make reoccurring/standing appointments – not just in your business but also in your personal life; hairdressers, dentists, boiler services, mentors, insurance brokers, anything you spend time thinking, I need to do that, schedule it. By making a regular standing appointment, you don’t have to waste brain space thinking about it or arranging it.


There are so many tips and ways to get organised I broke one of my own rules and procrastinated over which ones to put in this post. I will post some more soon, but if you can’t wait, get in touch and we can set a time to talk about them.